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Jasper Gwyn taught me that we aren't characters, we are stories.

We are the wood where that character walks, the bad guy who cheats him, the mess around him, all the people who pass, the color of things, the sounds. 

                              - Mr.Gwyn, Alessandro Baricco -

This page hosts a writing project - which is a modern fancy way to call a creative idea.

The idea is to do what Mr.Gwyn does on Alessandro Baricco's book: to capture on paper the essence of someone's life-story. 

I don't mean a biography, I literally mean a story: a short novel, which might be shaped in different forms and written using different styles. 

The stories will be inspired by real lives, but they may narrate something completely disjoint from the life events they are inspired by - just as the fragrance of a violet is different from the flower. 

These stories, that will be published on this page both in Italian and English versions, are my gift to people I love - and whom gifted me with their life tales. 

Happy reading!


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